GBD canne fumarie


About our Company

G.B.D., established in 1980, has been in the smokestacks systems market since more than 30 years, and as the first Italian company specialized in the stainless steel exhaust systems for the products of combustion, introduced the modular prefabrication technology for metallic smokestacks systems. G.B.D.  is the European partner of a number of companies, based in many countries of Europe, that specialize in the smoke exhaust systems and work together to maintain at high levels their know-how through research, comparison and exchange of their own requirements. The corporate philosophy has always been based on the quest for total quality. The company actively contributes to the regulatory framework, through its know-how, to various study groups in the CEN-UNI-CIG areas by transferring the innovations and the regulatory trends to its sales network, designers and technicians of the heating and plumbing industry. In the present context of rapid and far reaching changes, where homogenization always tends more and more to bypass the qualitative standards, G.B.D., wins in the market in the simplest of forms: Quality, Service, Competitiveness, which is the sum of the slogan of our company...



Corporate philosophy

The success of G.B.D. is strongly connected to the motivation and the contribution made by each worker. G.B.D.'s success is primarily based on the technological quality of the products, its' exclusive image and client service. Carlo Bellieni, CEO of G.B.D. Spa, has put in place a group of specialists that work with determination to meet the aim of satisfying the Client. The spirit of the workers of G.B.D. is of complete involvement with the company, with the conviction that its' improvement depends directly from the capabilities and the personal commitment of each person in all the departments. We do not want to be the biggest, we work to be the best.