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ParticStop Cyclon Particle filter


AS PART is a device for bio-mass fired generators that separates particulate matter (soot) from smoke thus making the atmospheric emissions cleaner without the use of filters. The operating principle of AS PART is the cyclone effect, set in motion by the exhaust fan and the mixing of the external air which by the means of the centrifugal force, separates and isolates the solid particles by virtue of the difference in their weight.  The filter also functions as an active ventilator, that helps the draught in unfavorable plant solutions, as also for very long horizontal sections or low height or inadequately sized smokestacks. AS PART considerably simplifies the old and complex smoke filtering systems.i.

Main technical data

Revolution/min: 1300
Supply voltage: 230 V
Current strength: 0,4 A
Power: 37W
Weight: 17,3 kg
Maximum performance temperature: 250 °C
Yield: 74%

Compatible diameters: for smokestacks of diameters from 80 to 200 mm

Additional info

Cyclon Particle filter