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Engineered Silencers

Made to order Silencers
What is noise?
It is a mechanical vibration that propagates through air thus creating a disturbance to hearing.
When does it occur in chimneys?
Medium-high capacity boilers, existing systems with relining, diesel engines, combined heat and power systems and motor pumps.
Is there a single solution for the problem?
No, noise is a complex phenomena.
Do silencers solve the problem?
Certainly, but the solution must be carefully chosen, after a detailed analysis of the the conditions of the existing plants and systems.

G.B.D. makes three types of silencers which can work more or less efficiently to reduce the noise in the smoke exhaust and that are based on the following principles:
• Absorption • Resonance • Quarter-wave

We provide 360° solutions that can tackle the problem of noise, in some cases it may be necessary that more than one silencer have to be connected serially in order to get a good result.
Contact G.B.D. technical staff for more information in this regard and to allow us to make a detailed analysis of the problem, so that we may propose the most efficient solution.

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 Technical characteristics

Nominal Diameter Inner 80-100-130-150-180-200-250-300-350-400-450-500-600
Outer Variable (on the basis of typology)
Temperature Levels Max 600 °C  
Pressure  5000 Pa 
Humidity resistance  Wet or dry 
Combustibles  Gas – LPG – Diesel 
Scope Atmospheric boilers, traditional pressurized or condensation based boilers, industrial furnaces, industrial ventilation systems, gas/diesel fired motors, diesel engines, industrial processes, other fields of application must be agreed upon with G.B.D. Spa technical staff  
Drainage for condensation liquids  Supplied – standard 
Installation Horizontal and vertical