GBD canne fumarie

Uniplus CRM/PL air duct application - coloured copper


System especially useful for making expulsion conduits (T max = 120°C) for hoods of domestic or industrial kitchens, ventilation or air intake channel for air change, smoking rooms in private and public areas; generally installed internally

  • The advantage of copper finish without compromising on the solidity and durability of stainless steel
  • Lesser probability for the formation of micro organisms thanks to the hygiene of stainless steel, lesser sticking of fatty substances and particulate, high degree of aesthetic appeal


Designation according to UNI EN 1856-1

T120   H1   W   V2   L50   040   O   50 Ø80÷Ø250

T120   P1   W   V2   L50   040   O   50

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